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Jacqueline Charland

Jacqueline is a retired Canadian Financial Planner. She is the Owner of a private concierge business based in Vancouver, Canada. Her Facebook page called Jacquie O’s Vegas Baby provides regular updates on everything Vegas. That includes casinos, shows, sporting events and simply great things to do while in the "City that Never Sleeps". She will be expanding her reporting to include various casino resorts, recreational activities and events in the Southern California area.

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She is an inspiring public figure who is a registered nurse and has been working in the frontlines during this Covid-19 event. Marina is also a TV host when it comes to charity, special guests, and red carpet events. Keep up with her media to follow up on her latest interviews!

Marina Kufa

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If you are a active Casino Player, based upon play we can get you upfront 2-night room complimentary at there beautiful 1-bedroom suites and if requested some free play as a new customer!! Apply the code below under comments once you get to our Casino Player page.  


We all need that fresh air and natural vibe experience. Lake Tahoe is the spot to go to! The properties we have in this destination is Harrah's and Harvey's. Click the image or hashtag box to get directed to the properties!


Due to Covid-19 the Cruise Lines we handle will not be sailing anytime soon! Once we have updated information regarding our Cruises we will let you guys know. 

Congrats to Agua Caliente Casino and Resort for earning their 5-Star Award for Forbes 2021!

Pole Dancer in Action

What's a better way to enjoy your Vegas trip? Beautiful show dancers of course! You can find these amazing dancers / entertainers at several of our fun properties as well!!

Yes, we have casinos in Southern California that we deal with! Most of our clients don't always like the drive to get to Vegas. So we always recommend somewhere more convenient for them. However you can still get the same amount of luck and fun at our other locations. So check it out and book whenever you like to go!


Atlantis Casino and Resort located in the heart of Reno! If you are all about the luxurious accommodations, dynamic casino, the best restaurants, amazing 4-star spa, and much more?? This destination is the place for you!
Click the image or hashtag box to get directed to the property.

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